GMP Auditing


This course will give you the basic principles of GMP auditing and give you the tools and know-how to conduct a GMP audit confidently.


GMP for Auditing is a step by step guide on how to audit a company’s GMP practices including:

  • How and what to prepare for the audit.
  • The audit protocol from the opening meeting to the closing feedback.
  • How to interview auditees for positive outcomes.
  • Aide-mémoire (memory aid) of each area that seasoned auditors use.
  • Classifying findings into critical, major, minor and examples.
  • Adding value to the company by paying attention to detail.

The course is broken down into modules to enable you to learn in bite sizes. At the end of each module, you may be required to complete a short quiz to ensure you have grasped the main points outlined in the module.

The final assessment at the end of the course will test your overall understanding. The final assessment is an assignment that will need to be submitted and marked. Once it has been completed and passed, you will receive your Certificate of Competency. 


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