Laboratory Assistants Workshop (LAW)


Course Description:

The Laboratory Assistants Workshop has been designed to correct bad techniques, teach good techniques and empower Laboratory Personnel to reach their potential. The course will give Laboratory Assistants confidence and accuracy in test results.

There is no requirement (tertiary or other) in order to complete this course.

Our courses not only provide the information, if followed, to comply with the guidelines but also assesses the competence of the Analyst. Therefore you will have workshop exercises to complete in order to ascertain that you have grasped the main points outlined in the course. The exercises must then be submitted to us for marking. Once the final assessment has been completed and passed, you will receive our Certificate of Competency.

Course Modules:

  • LAW Introduction
  • The Laboratory Fundamentals
  • Good Weighing Practice
  • Sample Preparation
  • Good Pipetting Practice
  • Good Titrating Practice
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Measuring pH
  • Standards and Calibration
  • Final Practical Assessment


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