GWP (Good Warehouse Practice)


About The Course:

This course will give you the basic principles of GWP (Good Warehouse Practice) and help you to understand who, what, where, how, and why these principles apply to you and your company.

The course is broken down into modules to enable you to learn in bite sizes. You will see the estimated timing per module which can be completed individually.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to GWP (30 minutes)
  • GWP for People (30 minutes)
  • GWP for Premises (30 minutes)
  • GWP for Procedures (30 minutes)
  • GWP for Process (30 minutes)
  • GWP for Patient Risk (30 minutes)
  • Assessment (25 minutes – this is how you get certified)
  • Feedback (5 minutes)


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