GMP in Action for Managers


Course Description:

The GMP in Action for Management course has not been designed for managers who are new to the Pharmaceutical industry but rather those who are at a higher level. It is both guideline-based and experience-based to add value to your management.

Our GMP in Action for Operators course was written for the Operator level. It includes the basic GMP requirements for people working in the FMCG industries and is also very useful for more senior-level personnel who are new to the pharmaceutical and other GMP compliant companies.

Our GMP in Action for Management course provides the information, if followed, to comply with the guidelines and also assesses the learner’s competence. You will therefore be required to complete workshop exercises to ensure you have grasped the main points outlined in the course.

The exercises must then be submitted to us for marking. Once you have completed the course and passed your assessments, you will receive our Certificate of Competency.


The course will cover 5 important pillars: 

  • GMP Management of People
  • GMP Management of Premises
  • GMP Management of Process
  • GMP Management of Procedures
  • Mitigating Patient Risk

The course is broken down into modules to enable you to learn in bite sizes. You will see an estimated timing per module which can be completed individually. At the end of each module, you will be required to complete a short quiz to ensure you have grasped the main points outlined in the module.

The final assessment at the end of the course will test your overall understanding. The final assessment is an assignment that will need to be submitted and marked. Once it has been completed and passed, you will receive your Certificate of Competency. 


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