Adapt or Die

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Adapt or Die

At the beginning of 2020, we were forced to strategize for the future. COVID 19 lockdowns restricted our travelling onsite to our clients as well as the numbers permitted in training rooms. We made the decision to adapt our training to online. 

We invested in the technology and software and basically shut up shop for a year. The challenge was to replace our system that was presented by a Trainer who basically used bullet points in the presentation and training manual and spoke around them to the online course which has all the information which the Trainer would speak round the bullet points. Since April, this year, the courses have been available to our clients in the Pharmaceutical, Warehousing, Medicinal Gases, Cosmetic, Household and Food industries.

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We have brought our courses to an even higher level to ensure job competence; now demanded GMP compliance. Our exercises and assignments are designed to add value at both Operator and Management levels. Our certificates of competence are not given they are earned. The training is totally experience-based, although only available in the new online format already top SA and Multinationals have booked their Production Operators, Management, Warehouse Personnel, Laboratory Personnel online ( they can do on their own time, own pace over three months). 

Some of our clients have requested us to do the Basic GMP Operator course as group sessions. We are happy to do and have been facilitating the course via the Microsoft Teams platform. Our aim is to meet the challenge of continuous improvement and help our clients to do so. People are a critical component of GMP; it is critical that they are competent.

Currently available online: GWP, GMP in Action for Operators, GMP Management in Action, GMP Auditing, Good Laboratory Practice, Laboratory Assistants Workshop and Practical Microbiology.

Progress reports are sent to the company on a regular basis which informs them of the stage in the course that their people are at and their assessment at each stage. This reporting is very useful to the company to provide evidence of the training to GMP auditors.


By Peter Hannah