Cleaning Validation

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About The Course:

This course will give you the tools required to ensure your cleaning is validated according to the GMP guidelines. The course focuses on all aspects of Cleaning Validation. 


Who should do this course?

It is recommended that the management team from Quality, Production and Engineering should do this course.


What are the objectives of this course? 

The objective is to be compliant with the GMP guidelines and indeed exceed the requirements by utilising the Alec Cameron Online Training approach of Information + Knowledge + Experience = GMP Wise.


You will be required to complete a short quiz to ensure you have grasped the main points outlined in the module. The final assessment at the end of the course will test your overall understanding. The final assessment is an assignment which will need to be submitted and marked. Once it has been completed and passed, you will receive your Certificate of Competency. 

Course Modules:

  • What is “Clean”?
  • How to Clean
  • Cleaning Stages
  • Micro-Organisms
  • Documentation
  • Assessment (30 minutes - this is how you get certified)

What you’ll need:

  • A good connection as this whole course is online.
  • Your notebook and pen to take notes as you learn.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Peter Hannah Author

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